Full Statement on Mike Young’s Withdrawal of Senate Bill 436

After it failed to gain enough support to pass a committee vote, State Senator Mike Young was forced to kill his own legislation that would’ve allowed the Indiana Attorney General to bypass locally elected prosecutors when he disagreed with their decisions on how to prosecute marijuana charges. Sen Young’s legislation was widely viewed as an ill-conceived and anti-local government by criminal justice advocates, Democrats, & Republicans alike.

While there has been bipartisan support for criminal justice reform at the national level, with even President Trump commuting the sentences of many non-violent drug offenders and highlighting the ideals of hope and second chances during a Super Bowl commercial, it seems like Mike Young is more interested in supporting private prisons and bail bonders than everyday Hoosiers. His bill would’ve allowed the Attorney General to waste precious taxpayer dollars and divert resources from violent crimes and peacebuilding efforts. This was a bill so bad that his own party couldn’t support it. It’s time for change.

As your next State Senator I would fight for legislation that decriminalizes and eventually legalizes marijuana in the State of Indiana, allowing us to join our neighboring states in offering Hoosiers a better quality of life.