Invest In Our Future – Education is the key to success. We need to make sure our children have access to a quality, affordable education by attracting and retaining the best teachers. We should pay our teachers on par with other public servants. They lay the foundation for a thriving, prosperous community and they deserve our support 

Level the Playing Field and Create Good Jobs – With educated and engaged citizens, Indiana can attract and foster the jobs we want. We must support small business by cutting through red tape, protect all Hoosiers’ right to organize without fear of losing their living, and end tax breaks for corporations that don’t pay a living wage and don’t value our community. 

Restore Faith in Government – Nothing angers me more than public officials lining their pockets as working Hoosiers are left behind. I will fight the corruption at our state house with the same intensity I fought America’s enemies on the battlefield. As your State Senator, I will propose reforms to our campaign finance system, and I will stop politicians from choosing their voters by ending the partisan gerrymandering undermining our elections.

Legalize Medical Cannabis – Overdose rates are continuing to go up as our state is mired in the opioid epidemic. Meanwhile, our criminal justice system prosecutes nonviolent drug offenders, creating a system in which we pay more to lock people up than we do to educate our children. Legalizing Medical Cannabis will:

·         Offer life-saving medicine to Hoosiers in need, including our veterans with chronic pain and PTSD

·         Save taxpayer dollars that would otherwise be spent incarcerating nonviolent cannabis offenders 

·         Open up a new market for Hoosier businesses, farmers and entrepreneurs

Let’s build something together.

Paid for and authorized by Friends to Elect Pete Cowden