Statement Regarding the Recent Shooting and Death of Sean Reed

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

My deepest condolences go out to the Reed family and all Hoosiers we have lost to tragic violence in our state. While reports and details are still coming in, we must address the heartache our community is experiencing at this time. 

The current evidence shows us that this was an intense and alarming situation for the officers involved, and the Hoosier who lost their life. All parties deserve to know what happened, and we must expect full transparency throughout the ongoing investigation surrounding the killing of Sean Reed yesterday evening.

We cannot shy away from the systemic racism which exists in our criminal justice system. I find the comments of officers on the scene to be particularly troubling. It is unacceptable for our police to use such dehumanizing speech about any Hoosier. Through continued training and counseling services, the IMPD must address the dark rhetoric that caused alarm for so many Hoosiers who heard it on the video.

I urge IMPD and all police officers around the State to work to decrease and limit the presence of racial injustice in our policing system and the criminal justice system as a whole. This is an ongoing process that was started with community policing and de-escalation training already in place.